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“We believe that creating a conducive learning environment is essential for student success. We strive to provide a space where students feel physically, psychologically, socially, and culturally secure, fostering a stimulating educational atmosphere.”

Campus or Facility Modernisation

In today’s competitive educational landscape, student retention is crucial. It is essential to maintain school buildings that are modern, attractive, and energizing to optimize student learning outcomes.

Services offered by Agile-xtra include:

  • Internal Workspace Refurbishment,
  • Partition Walls, Plastering & Ceilings,
  • Classroom Window Coverings,
  • Lighting (LED replacement),
  • Custom Joinery & Cabinetry,
  • Classroom Whiteboards & Pinboards,
  • Furniture Supply, Delivery & Placement,
  • Student Lockers,
  • Strip-Outs & Waste Removal,
  • Workspace Painting (Interior & Exterior),
  • Recarpeting (including Vinyl & Tiles),
  • Canteen/Staff Kitchen Equipment & Appliances Supply & Installation,
  • Hard Wiring & Soft Wiring,
  • Wall & Ceiling Acoustic Panelling,
  • Library Furniture & Shelving,
  • Complete FF&E Supply, Placement, or Installation.

New Building fitout

Agile-xtra is here to support Tier 1 to Tier 3 Builders with new school construction projects. Whether it’s a new building for an expanding school campus, or a replacement on a well-established campus, we have the expertise and experience to help with your interior fitout needs. Feel free to recommend Agile-xtra as your interior fitout partner to your architect. We are eager to discuss all aspects of your upcoming project.

  • Learning Space Fitout & Refurbs
  • Canteen Fitout & Refurbs
  • Teacherwall Units with large AV Panels
  • STEM, Design & Food Technology Spaces
  • Washrooms & Sports Facilities
  • Administration Building Refurbs
  • Custom Storage Joinery & Lockers
  • Staffroom Fit and Refurbs
  • Outdoor Tables & Seating

On-Going Furniture, Equipment, and Maintenance Services for Growing Facilities and Workspaces

As facilities and workspaces adapt to accommodate growing demands, the ongoing enhancement of environments becomes crucial. Agile-xtra is your go-to solution provider, relied upon by numerous organizations for maintenance, internal restructuring, and furniture needs.

Contact us at 1300 00AGILE to discuss how we can fulfill your current requirements and support your organization’s evolution.