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For businesses to thrive, they should maximise office spaces that can provide the needed workplaces for their employees. Normally, these office spaces would boast a set of equipment and furniture pieces to accommodate their daily needs.

However, these areas can only be effective if they have the optimal design, layout, and other factors of a great workplace. A workplace, after all, should not only be a place for work alone, but it must also be a place for camaraderie, collaboration, and contentment. One great way to achieve these workplace qualities is to adopt an agile office setup.

Understanding Agile Office Setup

Different businesses call for varying office appearance and personalities. However, they can all maximise an agile office setup as more employees today are yearning for change that is partly due to changing times and evolving technology.

An agile office setup is a type of workplace setup that makes office areas function more efficiently compared to before. It veers away from the traditional office setup wherein employees can only work within a specifically designated area. The only time employees can work together and collaborate is when they are asked to go to a meeting.

The efficiency of an agile office setup can be achieved by providing employees with open and collaborative areas. Quiet, private spaces are also provided, allowing them to enjoy their quick breaks.

Features of a Positive Vibe Office

Office spaces can become more versatile if they adopt the agile office setup. As they become more versatile, they can exude and radiate a positive vibe that many employees want to attain and accomplish.

A positive vibe office, which follows an agile setup footprint, is expected to have the following features.

  • Open Floor Plan– An office can effectively exude a positive vibe if employees will be more collaborative. And one great way to achieve the needed collaboration among employees is to maximise an open floor plan for the office. This type of office plan allows employees to communicate with others better, which enhances their relationships and improves output. Physically, an open floor plan allows lighting to be regulated more effectively.
  • Breakout Spaces – Another feature of a positive vibe office is the presence of breakout spaces. These spaces can be maximised to enhance and develop the creativity of employees beyond the confines of their work areas. These spaces allow them to eat and conduct other relaxing activities while meeting and brainstorming with others. Tables, couches, booths, and desks are usually present in breakout spaces.
  • Tranquil Areas – One more feature of a positive vibe office is the existence of tranquil areas. The productivity of employees may be driven by constant cooperation among them. However, they must still concentrate from time to time. With tranquil areas, employees can attain some sort of boundaries whenever they work on projects and tasks that require full focus and concentration. These areas veer away from being open and instead utilise useful walls and partitions.

Achieve Positivity with Agile Xtra

To achieve a versatile office space that promotes a positive vibe, you must contact us at Agile Xtra. Our experience has been accumulated over 20 years working in workspace and school interior design, corporate office fit-out and space planning.

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