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In a typical classroom setup, tons of vital learning tools, resources, and devices are utilised. Some of these include whiteboards, interactive screens, and other teaching materials. Most of the time, these things are kept in separate drawers, cabinets, and other storage areas. While these varied furniture pieces can store them effectively, they just consume a lot of wasted space inside the classrooms.

We, at Agile-Xtra, know the dilemma of keeping the classroom spaces both effective and efficient for their intended purposes. Hence, we offer various types of Agile System Walls that can benefit the education sector, which includesEarly Learning Centres &Kindergartens, Primary schools, Secondary schools &Colleges, and Universities. Even Commercial Offices can use and maximise our products to ensure that they can acquire more working spaces.

The following are some of our awesome Agile System Wall Units, and their recommended uses, for a more spacious learning or working environment.

Agile Huddle WallSpace

Agile Huddle WallSpace is commonly used in Libraries or Breakout Learning spaces & Commercial offices. It is a modular storage wall that features an upholstered alcove that can boost the appearance of an office area and enhance its functionality. Since Agile Huddle WallSpace is modular, it can be easily installed with another Agile System Wall. It can direct fitted to the wall or utilised as a room divider in an open office layout. The storage spaces integrated on this specific wall space can be used as personal-belonging lockers, stationary storage, promotional material storage, uniform stock storage, or coat cupboards.

Agile Media WallSpace

Utilised in Commercial offices and Learning spaces, the Agile Media WallSpace features a dedicated area for storing audio-visual (AV) equipment such as interactive screens and speakers. It also has double door modules that allow free storage of different office or school materials. Just like the previous type of Agile System Wall, the Agile Media WallSpace can also be solid fitted or be freestanding. The general design of this type of Agile System Wall makes it beneficial for storing server and AV equipment, sample products, presentation equipment, uniform stock, teachers’ resources, and marketing materials.

Agile Storage WallSpace

The Agile Storage WallSpace maximises double door modules that can store many school materials in just one place. Instead of acquiring multiple furniture pieces, the Agile Storage WallSpace can consolidate everything needed for a learning environment. It can be used as personal-belonging lockers for students. It can also be utilised to store iPads and similar smart devices, art supplies, and teachers’ resources. Some of its parts can even be converted into display cabinets or coat cupboards.

Agile Teacher WallSpace

As the name implies, the Agile Teacher WallSpace is dedicated to teachers and instructors that must store learning materials and resources inside a classroom. With the installation of this Agile System Wall, the classroom can effectively achieve a distraction-free learning environment. The excellent design of Agile Teacher WallSpace allows it to store smart screens, monitors, and whiteboards all together. It can even store personal belongings, art supplies, tablets, laptops, charging accessories, books, and many more. The addition of a teacher’s desk and tote trays make this Agile System Wall more functional.

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