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In the past, offices were designed to simply provide a workstation for each employee, ensuring that they can work optimally and fulfil their duties effectively. But as time passes, the layout of offices has seen significant changes that directly influence the way people work.

For many offices, employees are expected to work individually and focus on reaching the goals of their tasks. While they can be productive in some areas of their work, there is another side of their jobs that require fruitful collaboration with their colleagues. Removing their liberty to work with other employees will not only deteriorate their output quality but can also affect their relationship with the management.

To prevent these things from happening, business owners are encouraged to utilise an agile office.

An Overview of an Agile Office and Its Benefits

An agile office is a type of office that utilises flexibility and versatility. It veers away from the traditional office setup wherein employees can be seen sitting on their desks almost the entire day. Adopting an agile office allows employees to move freely even during working hours. It likewise grants employees an opportunity to choose their comfortable working spot.

What is essential in an agile office is the presence of useful and comfortable spaces. Some of these spaces may be intended for meeting activities, while others are for relaxation. These spaces may vary in function, but they all intend to unlock the creativity of employees, increase overall productivity, remove physical barriers among colleagues, and ensure employee satisfaction. They make offices feel like the perfect place for collaboration, teamwork, and relaxation.

Understanding the Elements of an Agile Office

Flexibility and versatility are pivotal to the overall performance of an agile office. Without considering these qualities, it would be difficult for employees to work effectively with their team.

And to ensure that an office is truly agile, it must possess various elements that can help it become more collaborative and engaging. To date, an agile office must boast three essential elements.

  1. Meeting Areas: The meeting areas of an agile office should be able to handle huddle, scrum, or brainstorm meetings without giving off a serious atmosphere. Hence, these areas should offer furniture pieces with plug-and-play technologies so that varying devices from employees can be connected right away. They must also have plush seats to make everyone feel at home.
  2. Private Booths: Another element that must be present in an agile office is private booths. In a traditional office, employees can be interrupted by various phone calls or chattering from nearby teammates, affecting their overall productivity. Fortunately, agile offices still respect one’s privacy. The inclusion of private booths allows employees to work silently and optimally.
  3. Casual Spaces: One more element of an agile office is the existence of casual spaces. Causal spaces allow employees to relax and feel like they are in a domestic surrounding. Through these spaces, they can spend their morning sipping their coffee while ideating some vital things. Some parts of these spaces may boast a kitchen area, sofas, armchairs, pot plants, and others.

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