Refurbishment Solution: 6 Refurbishment Ideas for Your Office’s Breakout Area

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A refurbishment solution is an ideal process your office’s breakout area should undergo to ensure your employees feel comfortable and relaxed during their breaks.

Offices feature workstations that are designed to keep employees motivated while carrying out their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. But offices cannot work fully without breakout areas. These areas provide employees with a dedicated space where they can take a break from their work. They also feature elements that allow staff to relax and recharge after working for hours.

Now, even if your office already features a breakout area, you may have to refurbish it after a few years to keep it modern and updated. Here are some refurbishment solutions that you can implement in your office’s breakout area.

1. Invest in Comfortable Seating

One refurbishment solution that you must implement in your office’s breakout area is the addition of comfortable seating. It is a must in any breakout area. Hence, you must add ottomans, beanbags, or even floor lounges for a more relaxed atmosphere. These seating options should be comfortable, stylish, and functional so that your employees can enjoy them.

2. Add Entertainment Options

Another refurbishment solution you must integrate into your breakout area is to add entertainment options. This specificsolution can make your breakout area more enjoyable for your employees. You can add a TV, board games, books, or even a ping pong table. They can help your employees relieve stress as well as bond and build relationships with their colleagues.

3. Enhance the Lighting System

The lighting in your breakout area should be relaxing and not too bright. Once you have enhanced the lighting system in your breakout area, you can easily make your employees feel energised and productive. You can install pendant lights, floor lamps or LED strips to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere inside your office.

4. Create Different Zones

Your breakout area may already feature tons of relaxing spaces for your employees. However, it could be better if you create different zones for different activities. You can have a coffee station, a quiet zone for reading, a games area for fun, and a lounge area for socialising. You can then let employees choose where they want to spend their break time.

5. Upgrade the Kitchen Area

The kitchen area in your breakout space should also be updated. You can upgrade this area by adding more amenities like a coffee machine, a fridge, a microwave, a dishwasher, and even a toaster. These things can then be stored in a kitchen cabinet/storage to organise them properly. Doing this can help your employees prepare their meals and snacks with ease, making their break time more enjoyable as they interact with their colleagues.

6. Integrate Colour

Adding and integrating colour to your breakout area can brighten up the space and make it more inviting. You can add colourful throw pillows, wall/suspended art, or even paint the walls in bright colours. Just ensure that the colours are harmonious and can complement each other.

Refurbishing your office’s breakout area with these solutions can have a positive impact on your employees’ morale, productivity, and creativity. With the right design, your breakout area can become a significant part of your workplace culture.

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