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Storage in any workspace is generally at a premium, besides the lack of spaces to relax. Why not included an upholstered alcove to create some more design appeal and functionality to your space?
Nestle-space Pods can be added to your Agile Storage Wallspace, to allow for yet another Agile working space, and a quiet comfortable one at that!
Our Modular Storage Wall can be solid fitted or be freestanding – used as a room divider in an open office layout.
Being fully modular means that each double door module can be adapted to house most things requiring a tidy storage space.

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Product Information

  • Use Modular Storage Wall for:
  • Coat cupboards
  • Personal-belonging lockers
  • Stationary storage
  • Promotional material storage
  • Uniform stock storage
Dimensions: 150 × 150 × 150 cm
Color: Red, Orange, Pale Blue, Ocean Blue, Light Gray, White, Olive, Yellow, Charcoal, Green, Caramel, Black, Teal, Navy Blue, Sky, Mint, Rose
Frame Style: 4 Leg, Sled
Frame Finish: Black, Chrome, Timber


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