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Agile learning setup is being adopted by learning institutions today due to the numerous helpful benefits it can bring to students.

With this type of setup, students are encouraged to deepen their understanding of the things being taught by the instructors. Through the help of practical and iterative tools, they can effectively hone their knowledge. They are likewise expected to build a stronger relationship with others as agile learning setup empower collaboration and learning alliance. Ultimately, an agile learning setup can widen their future as all the core skills needed for getting into college or applying for work are already established early on.

But with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, classrooms are urged and tasked to change their general layout for their health safety. Fortunately, classrooms can still adopt an agile learning setup without risking the spread of COVID-19 by using Agile Wave screens.

An Overview of Agile Wave Screens

Agile Wave screens are a new type of modular privacy screen that can be used in classrooms and even offices. They are typically made from powder-coated steel, which is known to be durable and lightweight. One type of Agile Wave screen that is available today come in clear surface, while the other has a frosted surface to match the setup of many learning institutions.

Aside from their surface options, Agile Wave screens are being maximised by classrooms nowadays as they do not require any tools to get them up and running. They can likewise be configured for either horizontal or vertical polarisation to suit the needs of schools and offices.

What makes Agile Wave screens useful nowadays is that they can protect people against the spread of COVID-19. Once they are set up, the chances of obtaining the disease will be significantly lower.

Agile Wave Screens’ Main Features

A wide array of features can be maximised once Agile Wave screens are purchased.

For one, they can provide privacy in just a few seconds thanks to their modular design. They can also maintain lit work and study areas in learning institutions thanks to their light tint. And with the ongoing global health crisis, a new type of Agile Wave screen is made to effectively provide a clear surface area for social distancing purposes.

Agile Wave screens may come in straight or curved panels so they can generate flexible learning spaces. And thanks to the strong magnets that are incorporated into their frames, they can easily be arranged in varying shapes and layouts without the need for any screws. Some may opt for straight partitions, while others can go for L-shape partitions. Agile Wave screens can also be arranged in waves, curves, or circular walls. They can even serve as room dividers.

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