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Before, a lot of people may describe an office as a place where employees are solidly affixed to their designated areas for the rest of their employment. And since employees do not have the liberty to roam around the office space, the essence of collaboration among them is reduced significantly.

The emergence of agile workplaces, alternatively, contradicts the conventional perception of people towards offices. With agile workplaces, the overall design of offices is altered for them to be more flexible and grounded. The boundaries among employees are much more minimised, making them more productive and more engaged in the daily operations inside the office. They can even sit and work anywhere, as long as they produce the needed output within their assigned time.

To convert your office into a full agile workplace, then you may want to start with the replacement of your conventional stationary desks. Your agile desks should possess the following qualities:

Lively Appearance

For your desks to be compatible with your agile office, you must go for those that boast lively design and appearance. Your agile office must veer away from standard desks that would only make the place look dull. Hence, it should possess designs and colours that could be vibrant and playful at times. Opting for desks with irregular shapes like circles, rectangles, and others can be great for your agile office. Desks with colourful and bright surfaces can also work well with your office spaces.

Reasonable Space

Another quality you should consider in choosing the best desks for your agile office is its available space. Conventional offices would typically obtain desks of similar sizes, making their workplaces feel repetitive and exhausting. Agile offices, alternatively, focus more on the collaboration among employees. They likewise prioritise flexibility. And so, for your agile office, you must opt for desks with sizes that can cater to two or more people. This type of desk can guarantee high-quality output among employees.

Increased Mobility

Desks that are being used by offices before are known to be stationary and immobile. The only time most of them are moved is if they have already obtained critical damages or issues. As for your agile office, you must go for desks that can move quickly around office areas. When selecting the desks for your office, you should opt for desks that are light yet durable so they can be moved easily. You may even look for desks that have wheels on their feet, making them more portable inside your workplace.

Buying desks with these qualities allow them to complement and match your agile office. To obtain agile desks and other related products, you can call us at Agile Xtra.

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