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Schools and other learning institutions are known for maximising traditional classroom setup in regulating their daily activities. A traditional classroom setup puts instructors and teachers in the spotlight, ensuring that they regulate the dissemination of information and knowledge to the learners.

While the traditional classroom setup has honed the skills of many learners for the past few decades, many studies have found out that this specific setup has gradually declined as time passes. One of the reasons why this setup seems to fail slowly is that it does not maximise the learning outcome of students. A traditional classroom setup is also known for limiting the interaction between learners and instructors as well as widening the gap of learning level among the learners, which makes it ineffective today.

Fortunately, many learning institutions have started to find and embrace modern learning setups to ensure that the learners can benefit the most. One of these setups is the agile learning setup.

An Overview of Agile Learning Setup

An agile learning setup grants a learning environment that enables students and learners to freely generate ideas, collaborate with others, and conduct experiments. This specific setup focuses primarily on communication, ensuring that learners and instructors can exchange thoughts, opinions, and ideas without limitations or restrictions. As more learners are engaged in an agile learning environment, they are expected to learn quickly and efficiently.

The very concept of agile learning setup opposes the traditional learning setup. You see, in a traditional learning environment, only the teachers or instructors can dictate the flow of the discussion. Alternatively, both teachers and students have the chance to speak up in an agile learning environment.

For the agile learning setup to be successful, learning institutions should modify the plan and layout of their rooms, making them flexible and collaborative.

Key Aspects of Agile Learning Setup

In an agile learning setup, various approaches to learning and teaching can be applied. So, when making your rooms and spaces agile, you must ensure that the integrated furniture pieces and devices will be flexible and customisable. The flexibility and customisability of these elements allow them to be configured and reconfigured based on the needs of a specific learning and teaching approach. Making them configurable then allows the agile learning spaces to be more dynamic.

One of the things that you can do to develop an agile learning environment is to install a flat panel or interactive display on a trolley. You can likewise opt for wireless equipment pieces and devices so that the space will not be interrupted with wires. Incorporating multipurpose wall spaces, movable desks, and versatile seats can even be done to ensure that all things can be moved whenever necessary. Doing these things can make the learning activities more dynamic between the learners and the instructors.

Agile Learning Setup with Agile Xtra

If you want to convert your learning space into an agile learning environment, you can call us at Agile Xtra. We offer design, fit-out and refurbishment solutions for every area of your campus including classrooms, breakout areas, staff rooms, amenities, offices, reception areas, and even your canteen.

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