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Students come to school so they can learn many factual things on various subjects like humanities, languages, science, and mathematics. They also come to class so that teachers can help them develop social skills, unlock potential talents and abilities, and learn values and ideals that could serve as their guiding principles in the long run.

But to make these things happen, the classrooms in school should be designed optimally. Classrooms, after all, are the main areas where students can learn new things, develop their interpersonal skills, and so on. Numerous elements should be prioritised when designing the classrooms. One of these elements is the seating arrangement.

The seating arrangement is the physical setup of chairs, tables, and others in classrooms. Opting for the right one can help impact the students positively. An optimum seating arrangement can even help instructors communicate with their young learners effectively.

A Quick Introduction to Flexible Seating

Conventional seating arrangement often involves the use of desks and chairs in arranging the layout of the classroom. While it has worked for decades, modern approaches to learning have paved the way for the adoption of flexible seating.

Flexible seating entails the use of multiple seating options for students. These options include chairs, couches, stools, and even yoga balls. The purpose of providing these options is to give them freedom where they want to sit while engaging with others and their instructors. It can also bring them comfort while reading or meeting with their groupmates to finish some tasks. The focus of the students is likewise enhanced with this type of seating arrangement.

Classrooms can mostly benefit from flexible seating. But this layout can also be utilized in reading centres and other similar learning spaces.

How Flexible Seating Benefits Students

Students can benefit from flexible seating in a lot of ways.

• More Choices: One great way students can benefit from flexible seating is that they are provided with tons of choices regarding various things. With this seating arrangement, they can choose where to sit at any given time. They can also choose the people they want to work with, allowing them to feel confident and empowered when carrying out some tasks.

• Better Physical Health: Another way students benefit from flexible seating is they can attain better physical health. Conventional seating somehow restricts students from standing up and roaming around the room. Flexible seating, alternatively, allows them to lean, stand, bounce, and do other things while carrying out specific tasks. This flexibility allows them to burn calories, enhance metabolism, and keep their minds more alert.

• Enhanced Comfort: Students have limitations when it comes to absorbing the teachings of their instructors. Their attention span may have likewise started to decrease as they grow older. And so, providing them with flexible seating options can help them avoid distractions. Once they found their comfortable spot, they can become more focused on their lessons.

• Improved Collaboration: Another way that students can benefit from flexible seating is they can collaborate effectively with others. The presence of flexible chairs and other furniture helps students collaborate and communicate better with others, which are skills essential for improving their creativity, critical thinking, and social abilities.

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