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The way classrooms and offices are designed can significantly affect their effectiveness in honing the students and making workers productive. One part of their design that should be planned thoroughly is the storage.

Storage is an important aspect of a classroom and office design since it can provide the needed space for storing important materials, tools, and devices. It can also accommodate supplies and others that may be needed by students or employees in various activities. Investing in quality storage units ensures that the flow of classroom discussions and work will not be interrupted by the lack of supplies. The organisation inside the classroom and office is likewise enhanced with the existence and addition of storage units inside these spaces.

At Agile-Xtra, we know how important storage is for your classrooms or office spaces. Hence, we offer the following custom storage units to accommodate your needs.

Agile Readers Hive

One custom storage unit that classrooms can take advantage of is the Agile Readers Hive. This modular storage unit can become a solid storage option for a quiet reading space and a large-capacity bookstore as it features shelf format variations that work well with children. Some Agile Readers Hive can boast a circular hive layout, while others can go for spirals or waves. This curved shelving can conveniently accommodate 8 x AgileWedge Ottomans and a Disc Base Meeting table. It can also store tons of books thanks to its 5 levels of shelving.

Agile Cube Storage Unit 12Up with iPad Charging

The Agile Cube Storage is a storage solution that can accommodate changes in technology. One component of this storage solution is dedicated to storing up to 32 iPads, which can be charged with a charging station. It also features two lockable cupboards, each with a latch to secure confidential or important documents. Alternatively, the top side of the Agile Cube Storage maximises 2 x 8 Up Power Boards with surge protection and overload switch to effectively protect anyone who will be using them from electrical hazards.

Agile Cube Storage Unit 16Up

Another offering from Agile-Xtra is the Agile Cube Storage Unit 16Up. It is constructed out of laminate timber, which is known for its durability and longevity. It can also come in custom colours, ensuring that you can match this storage unit to the current design feature of your space. And to ensure that it can be moved whenever needed, we have equipped this storage unit with 170mm castors. This Agile Cube Storage variation can be assembled and stacked to suit your storage needs. It can even be configured with pinboard options.

Agile Cube Storage Unit 4Up

Built out of Laminex melamine boards, the Agile Cube Storage Unit 4Up is a storage unit that can be used in either a horizontal or upright position. This storage unit is perfect for organising things that used to occupy desks and other surfaces. Just like other Agile Cube Storage options, the 4Up model can also come in custom colour options.

To gain access to our custom storage unit offerings, you can go to our online shop at Agile-Xtra. Contacting us can also be an option if you want to purchase these custom storage units.

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