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Educational facilities are comprised of learning areas that intend to nurture the minds of the learners. The instructors can then use the elements of these places to engage flawlessly with the students and make sure that they participate accordingly. Of course, educational facilities can also provide spaces that can provide comfort to both learners and instructors.

If you are currently managing an educational facility, it is important to refurbish areas that are deemed significant for both learners and instructors. Fortunately, we, at Agile Xtra, can provide you with all your needed refurbishment solutions for your educational facility.

A Quick Overview of Agile Xtra

At Agile Xtra, we believe that classroom layouts should be agile. Hence, our offered services and even our products all cater to agile learning environments. Through agile classrooms, learners can acquire significant learning in many ways. As time passes, they can be more creative, productive, and active in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

With more than 20 years of servicing various educational facilities, we can easily offer design, fit-out, and refurbishment solutions to classrooms, breakout areas, staff rooms, amenities, and canteen. These areas can feature better appeal, functionality, and value. As for our products, our online shop can offer you seating, desks and tables, agile system walls, storage, and other things needed for a classroom setup.

Aside from educational facilities, we also offer fit-out and planning services for workspaces and corporate offices. All our services are possible as we collaborate with a team of experts including architects, interior designs, quantity surveyors, and other essential professionals.

Main Refurbishment Solutions

There are numerous refurbishment solutions that we can offer to your educational facility. Some of these solutions are as follows:

  • Interior and Exterior Painting– Interior and exterior painting can be helpful for your educational facility so it can boast an appeal that caters to your institution’s branding. This refurbishment solution, especially with the right paint colours, can also reduce absenteeism and improve learners’ morale.
  • Window Coverings– Window coverings are also essential for your educational facility so that your interiors and furniture pieces will be protected from outdoor elements like UV rays and sunlight.
  • LED Lighting Replacement– LED lighting has been picked by many educational facilities thanks to its energy efficiency and cost-savings. Opting for this lighting option does not only help you cut costs, but it can also make the surroundings brighter and more appealing to both learners and instructors.
  • Supply and Installation of Flooring– A wide array of flooring options can be obtained from us at Agile Xtra. Some of these options are carpet, vinyl, and tiling. We can install these durable flooring options carefully to make your spaces safe for learning.
  • Whiteboards and Pinboards– Communication is essential in an agile learning setup. Therefore, we offer the installation of whiteboards and pinboards so that both learners and instructors can use them for conveying their ideas and expressing their emotions.
  • Placement and Installation of Furniture– Furniture pieces are likewise important in an agile learning setup, especially those that can be moved easily. We offer placement and installation of desks, chairs, and other similar things needed for your educational facility.

To know more about our refurbishment solutions, you can contact us at Agile Xtra.

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