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Agile-Xtra provides innovative designs in flexible workspaces for students and teachers. The main purpose of these contemporary designs is to ensure a flexible work and study environment in the classroom.

These variable options offer attractive opportunities for free yet more focused, beneficial learning. These flexible designs promote creativity, productivity and continuously active education.

Unique and Innovative WorkSpaces for Students and Teachers

The latest unique and innovative workspaces for students and teachers include the following designs and features:

  • Media Wallspace. This modular storage wall can be either solid fitted or freestanding. It serves as a convenient room divider in a large classroom or lecture room. Since storage in many classroom situations is usually at a premium, teachers can benefit greatly from the addition of this unique wall system design.

Each double-door module is adaptable for storing many different types of equipment or supplies for the classroom. This wall system includes storage areas for teaching materials, AV equipment, teachers’ daily records, instructional books and other classroom supplies.

  • Agile Teacher Wallspace. This versatile wall space design can be useful for housing many different items from teaching resources to teacher and student coats, scarves and hats. This clever design consolidates everything from your whiteboard or smart screen to your screen pointers, pens and markers. In an open-classroom environment, it serves as an ideal room divider.

This design can be adapted to store students’ personal belongings, student tubs, copier machine supplies, art or music resources, tablets and laptops, digital device chargers and all types of teaching aids.

  • Agile Wave Screen- Tinted. This advanced wave screen has a modular design that is specifically structured for curved screens. It has a light bronze-toned tint and a ribbed polycarbonate frame. Screens are joined together with magnets and powder-coated frames.

This design offers instant privacy with its innovative modular screen system. The bronze tinting feature enables filtered light to brighten work and study areas while the screen provides quality privacy. You can connect numerous straight and curved panels together for forming flexible work areas.

You can create straight, L-shaped, unique wave, curved and circular walls and room dividers using this outstanding product. The powerful magnets in the frame connect the panels securely without any need for screws or brackets.

  • Agile Gratnells Deep Tray. The F-range trays of the Gratnells educational tray storage system are quite popular in classroom settings today. They are designed to fit furniture that is 450 mm. in depth. There are four different convenient tray heights plus a variety of inserts and a clip-on safety lid. This model can solve a wide range of storage needs.

When you contact our experts at Agile-Xtra located in Sunshine West, Victoria, you will receive excellent information and advice concerning flexible workspaces for students and teachers. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal innovative work, study and storage aids and designs to greatly enhance the classroom experience for you, as the teacher, and for your students.

Our team will ensure that our unique products will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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