4 Elements to Consider when Redesigning Your Learning Space

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Schools, universities, and other learning centres are often comprised of learning spaces that can hone the skills and knowledge of students. These spaces also allow instructors and teachers to teach their students well without any issues.

Smartly designed learning spaces can bring tons of benefits to both students and teachers. For one, strategically designed learning spaces allow students to learn acceptable behaviours and respect boundaries. These spaces can likewise make the students collaborate with others. As for instructors and teachers, well-designed learning spaces allow them to engage fully with their students. This specific benefit can strengthen the bond between them and their students.

As mentioned earlier, these benefits can only be achieved if the learning spaces are designed smartly. If you want to redesign your learning space and gain these benefits, then you must consider the following:

  1. Major Purpose

The first element that you should always consider when redesigning your learning space is its major purpose. When considering the purpose of your learning space, you must pinpoint the needs of both your students and instructors. You must likewise finalise the potential activities that will be conducted in your learning space. Knowing these things can help you and your contractor come up with a classroom design that will not hinder the students from learning and instructors from providing knowledge.

  1. Room Layout

Somehow anchored to the first element, the layout of your learning space must also be considered so you and your contractor can come up with the right classroom design. If you want to make your classroom more collaborative, you must opt for an agile learning setup. Alternatively, a different setup will be required if you will be opting for one-on-one teaching. You may also want to feature individual spaces for self-directed learning, granting students more freedom in their learning pace.

  1. Cosy Ambience

Another element that you must always consider when redesigning your learning space is its ambience. Students and instructors can only carry out tasks and feel comfortable when their learning spaces have a manageable ambience. The ambience of your learning spaces can be deemed as great if they have adequate acoustic panels for blocking outdoor noise, an appropriate amount of natural and room lighting, and comfortable levels of temperatures.

  1. Furniture Pieces

The furniture pieces in your learning space must also be considered thoroughly as they can effectively set up the room’s environment and condition. With more flexible furniture pieces, students can team up with others to learn more effectively. Instructors can likewise provide more interactive lessons as compared to the traditional way of teaching. Flexible furniture pieces may include chairs, desks, and wall spaces.

To achieve a smartly designed learning space, you can call us at Agile Xtra. Our experience has been accumulated over 20 years working in the workspace and school interior design, corporate office fit-out and space planning. We have sought out the very best expertise across many different fields to form a team of experts that include architects, quantity surveyors, and interior designers, amongst others.

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