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Businesses thrive not only due to the work of a single employee but because of the combined ideas and efforts of a team.

You see, business owners often invest in office spaces since they believe that numerous people are needed to carry out the daily operations of their companies. With the presence of various teams and departments, they can expect all the required tasks and functions of their businesses to be done more efficiently without compromising output quality and quantity.

Of course, workspaces cannot be collaborative if they are not designed optimally. To make your workspace collaborative, here are some design ideas you may want to consider and implement.

  1. Open Meeting Areas
    One great design idea that can make your workplace collaborative is to create open meeting areas. Before, any vital meetings and gatherings by teams are done in conference rooms. The doors of these rooms would normally be closed, and their spaces will only be comprised of chairs and a long conference table. Open meeting areas, alternative, veer away from the conventional setup by keeping the places free from any doors or walls. These areas would likewise be filled with bean bags, movable desks, and others to make everything casual.
  2. Integration of Tech
    Modernisation has successfully taken over multiple aspects of workspaces. Computers, for instance, are now fast enough to complete tasks instantly. Employees who cannot attend face-to-face meetings can even utilise tools to attend them remotely. And so, integrating modern tech such as LCD screens, projects, and integrated power outlets into furniture can make collaboration among employees seamless. Even adopting hybrid meetings through maximising video conferencing tools can likewise allow people to team up without any restrictions. Electronic booking systems can also be used to make room reservations more fluid.
  3. Recreational Spaces
    Another great way to make your office space collaborative is to maximise recreational spaces. Workplaces solely intended for work-related activities may become productive at first. But as time passes, these spaces may gradually discourage employees to work efficiently which then leads to lower quality output and minimised revenues. Recreational spaces, therefore, should be added to allow employees to socialise and rest effectively during break times. These places may boast eating spaces, playing areas, and others.
  4. Versatile Furniture
    Furniture pieces with integrated power outlets allow employees to discuss whatever they have in mind without worrying about their laptops or devices losing power. But aside from integrated power, you can also invest in modular seats and standing desks. Modular seats are flexible furniture that can be configured based on one’s needs. For a group meeting, employees can combine these seats to make a long seating space. Alternatively, they can separate them to make them useful for individual seating. Standing desks are also perfect for a collaborative office since they allow employees to gather in small groups without seating all the time.

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