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The overall appeal and function of office spaces have continuously evolved for the past few decades. In the past, office spaces would cram employees into just one room. Today, they have adopted various rooms and areas to ensure that the employees can be efficient without dealing with a lot of stress.

One of the areas that modern office spaces should utilise is breakout areas.

Breakout areas are recreational spaces that intend to separate employees from their formal workstations. They allow employees to get their needed breaks away from their desks. These areas may still be part of the whole office space, but they usually boast a more casual look than other rooms and spaces.

Benefits of Integrating Breakout Areas

Office spaces nowadays are expected to incorporate breakout areas. However, there are still office spaces that do not invest heavily in breakout areas. When investing in high-quality breakout areas, office managers can expect to gain the following benefits.

  • Enhance Productivity: One of the benefits of integrating quality breakout areas is they can enhance the productivity of employees. Quality breakout areas allow employees to break the monotony of their work. With a quick change of scenery, the minds and bodies of the employees can get some power rest. As they return to work, many of them can now work more efficiently.
  • Boost Collaboration: Office spaces thrive in collaboration and communication. Without these elements, it would be difficult for employees to come up with a cohesive output in a short time. Letting them have a little break on breakout areas can strengthen their work relationship, forge their dynamics, and boost the camaraderie among colleagues and departments.
  • Promote Movement: Sitting in a chair for a long time while staring at the screen can be tiring. By incorporating quality breakout areas in office spaces, employees are encouraged to get up and visit them from time to time. As they move towards and around the breakout areas, their bodies will not remain motionless for hours, which can be beneficial for their physical and mental health.

Improving Your Office Breakout Areas

If you want to improve your office breakout areas, you can do the following recommendations.

  1. Add Agile Furniture: One way to improve your office breakout areas is to invest in agile furniture pieces. Furniture pieces intended for an agile environment can help employees feel comfortable while taking a quick break from work. Sofas, armchairs, benches, and tables are only some of the furniture pieces that you can invest in your breakout areas.
  2. Place Writable Surfaces: Your breakout areas can be further improved once you install writable surfaces. At times, your employees may utilise your breakout spaces to meet with other team members and initiate brainstorming efforts. And to make sure that all ideas will be written, you must equip your breakout areas with writable surfaces.
  3. Install Greeneries: One more way to improve your office breakout areas is to add greeneries. Succulent plants and other indoor plants can help your breakout areas appear livelier and healthier. They can even provide health enhancements to your employees. By placing greeneries inside your breakout areas, your employees can feel less stressed as opposed to working all day.

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